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What Was Included?

The main thing that was implemented in this new algorithm was more deep and careful examination of websites. This update allows Google to crawl web pages better than ever before. The new algorithm in 2.1 goes further to punish low quality content that had been sneaking by in the past.

Google stated that this update was put in place to decrease rankings for sites that go against Google’s already existing quality guidelines.

A few things that have been targeted by this update include:

  • Paid Backlinks – This update has new ways of determining whether or not you are paying for backlinks. There’s a whole team at Google dedicated to investigating web spam. Those people had a lot to do with the new paid backlink determining methods put in place in this update.
  • Excessive Link Exchanges – This update has more advanced technology to detect shady link exchanging. Sites no longer benefit much by creating a network of sites that trade links with each other for more traffic. In fact, it can hurt your ranking or get you banned from the Google search engine.
  • Forum Comments – Long gone are the days where leaving a link on forum comments was an effective way of increasing your Google page rank. In this update, even more attention has been given to preventing and punishing websites that spam their links in forum comments.

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How to Avoid Penguin 5 Penalties




  • Create an Unforgettable User Experience – Provide information, a valuable product, or genuine help to people who need it. In other words, create value! You really have put some effort into putting out information that is actually of benefit to people. Your users must have a positive experience every time they visit your site. Low quality, run of the mill content will surely make you feel the wrath of Penguin 5 2.1. It’s time to put together better quality content than your competitors if you want to rank above them after this latest update to the algorithm.
  • Obtain Links Naturally – While link-building has definitely been proven to be less valuable in your ranking than before, it’s still beneficial to have some quality backlinks. This means writing quality content for somebody else’s website or blog that links back to your own site. Again, just make sure the content you are putting out there with your link is something you are proud of and is valuable to people.




  • Use Paid or Low-Quality Backlinks – These links include forum comments, links on spammy-looking sites, and links in classified ads. These will not do anything to help your ranking and only have the potential to hurt it or get you banned. If you already have some for your website, you’d be well off to go ahead and get rid of them to avoid the Penguin 5 hammer.
  • Excessively Use the Same Anchor Text – Using the same anchor text for every link is one of the biggest indicators for Google to detect spam. Try to keep your keyword-anchored links to less than ⅓ of your total links.

Hopefully this article has given you a good idea of what the latest Google Penguin update was all about and how you can improve your site’s page ranking. Now all that’s left to do is to get out there and work on that content!